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About Us Sankofi


Sankofi is an ethically sourced fashion brand based in Ghana. Established in August 2018 with the aim to create employment in the rural areas of Ghana. We strive to combine a minimalistic style with colorful waxprint fabrics like GTP and Woodin, all printed on the African continent. By using the highest quality materials and supreme handwork we aim to show the world the best of Africa's craftmanship.


Sankofi was founded in August 2018 by William Wubben. The brand is based in the Ghanaian town Assin-Fosu, and aims to create working opportunities in a cool and fashionable way, from the rural area of Ghana to the beautiful world. 

The whole process of design, fabric selection and producton is done by Sankofi. To boost the local economy we only use fabrics made in Ghana and buy them on the local market. 

Sankofi is all about people, connections and creating interdependent relationships. This starts with our staff, our suppliers and our valued customers. Join us in creating a beautiful community and become part of the Sankofi tribe!